The SwitchResX Showcase


What Is The Benefit In Using SwitchResX?

Instead of setting up just another list, we asked our customers to send in their projects and cases, to set up a little gallery with SwitchResX Showcases.

Make Graphics Board And Screen Cooperate

Photographer A. D. was struggling with his LaCie screen and Nvidia graphic board for a long time. With SwitchResX he got everything up and running – after lots of phone calls with both LaCie, Nvidia and Apple. His next plan?
"Whew! I will be spreading the word. I am also going to add your website and product to the review page on Apple's website. Again, thank you!"

Get Grips On Nasty Screens

M. D. from Norwich (UK) is an experienced service professional for Apple computers. Still his pair of 24" 1920 x 1080 screens were behaving oddly with his Mac mini. SwitchResX sorted everything out perfectly. His conclusion:
"I have registered obviously and tweeted the result. I will bear your product in mind should any of my clients have similar monitor layout issues."

Become The Tamer Of Seven Screens

J. D. had to wrestle with his seven screens setup just before the beginning of a huge project, but the screens didn't want to be tamed at all. Only after employing SwitchResX with the job he finally got everything up and running smoothly. His big sigh reads like this: 
"SwitchResX solved a massive glitch in my system!"

Disable Screens For Gaming And Work

J. has three screens attached to his Mac Pro, but only uses certain screens at the same time, depending on the present activities – a regular monitor for everyday computer work, a large TV set for gaming and a beamer for presentations and videos. After having to plug and unplug the screens again and again, when he needed them, Jay switched to SwitchResX to switch the screens on and off, whenever necessary. What he says?
"SwitchResX is worth the price for this feature alone in my opinion!"

Disable Screens To Overrule OS X

D. W. overruled OS X 10.7 Lion using SwitchResX. Now he can ignore the strict clamshell mode rules and activate and deactivate his MacBook screen whenever he wants. What he thinks?
"I hope you will get rich from the flood of people like me who think that burning your laptop screen to use clamshell mode is not the way to go. :-)"

Employ Broken Macs For A New Job

D. F. got a MacBook Pro with broken screen for free and used it as a desktop, since Mountain Lion spoiled the fun. No tweak or trick previously used did work on the Mac any longer. Only after installing SwitchResX Dan could switch his MacBook Pro back to clamshell mode.
"SwitchResX has saved the day. I have happily paid and registered. Thanks for developing!"

Control SwitchResX With Applescript

B. F. uses a 2560 x 1600 main screen and two 1080p extending displays in his recording studio setup. When activating all three screens, he couldn't mirror one 1080p on the other, which is located in a separate room. SwitchResX support suggested an Applescript command, including the command in the support mail, too! Now things work just the way they should. That's what Barry thinks:
"I'm a very happy man. That is the best customer support I have ever received from a software developer."

Use SwitchResX As An Anti Aging Program ;-)

T. J. noticed his aging eyesight was getting worse. Trying to make his MacBook Pro 17" to offer some better resolution than it's native 1680 x 1050 with on board tools only ended up with 1280 x 800 and some other standards, that didn't really help. Using SwitchResX he finally could design his perfect solution: 1480 x 924. His mail started off with:
"This is just a fan letter."  

As SwitchResX is so extremely versatile, there are many more user cases, we can't even imagine. If you use SwitchResX in another clever way, why not letting us know? We love to add new user cases to this gallery ! Just drop us a note or send a mail and tell us about your personal project. Many thanks in advance!