SwitchResX 4.8 released

SwitchResX 4.8
  • Corrects a bug preventing changing the resolution from the Preferences Panel
  • Corrects a problem where no updates would be shown as available in 4.7.1 or 4.7.2
  • Corrects some visual bugs on macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • Corrects an issue where saved custom resolutions with a width larger than 4096 pixels would always be saved with a positive horizontal sync

SwitchResX 4.7.2 released

SwitchResX 4.7.2
  • Corrects initial bugs and crashes with macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • Adapted the UI to match Dark Mode in Mojave
  • Is still working on OS X 10.6 to macOS 10.14 (9 macOS versions!)

  • Changed some icons in the UI to slightly modern ones
  • Deprecates the SwitchResX Extension (which is no more installable on Mojave)

  • Corrects a crash when editing Display Sets directly from the Applications properties
  • Corrects a bug when saving icons positions when using a Display Set
  • Corrects an issue where imported resolutions from clipboard would always have negative horizontal sync
  • Enabled copy/paste custom resolutions directly from list, or current resolutions to easily create a custom one
  • Slightly changed rounding code for displaying frequencies
  • Remembers the previous edited monitor in a Display Set

SwitchResX 4.7.1 released

SwitchResX 4.7.1
  • Corrects an issue where text was not visible in the password entry dialog
  • Corrects a bug in the AppleScript recording code with the "underscan" property
  • Adds an option to quit the Dock when disabling a display, separated from when enabling a display
  • Corrects some memory leaks in the ColorSync profile management code
  • Corrects a small UI issue - should now show a consistent UI when displaying the resolutions name

SwitchResX 4.7 released

SwitchResX 4.7
  • Can define complex mirroring options within a Display Set (For example: monitor #1 mirrored on monitor #3, while monitor #2 is separately mirrored on monitor #4)
  • Can distinguish and remember multiple identical monitors (same vendor, model, date of manufacture) by their serial number
  • Parses more information from exported EDID
  • Changes the UI used to draw the resolution menu within the Display Set
  • Corrects a crash when trying to draw the Display Set preview

SwitchResX 4.6.6 released

SwitchResX 4.6.6
  • Corrects a bug where SwitchResX would continuously ask a reboot when a custom resolution would in fact be invalid

SwitchResX 4.6.5 released

SwitchResX 4.6.5
  • Corrects a bug where SwitchResX would forget the current resolution and not check any resolution in the menu, after only changing the color depth. This could cause further crashes in some circumstances.
  • Corrects a problem where the native resolution would be reported as "Invalid" after an OS update
  • Corrects a crash that could occur when saving icons and SwitchResX would not know what is the actual current resolution
  • Corrects little bugs in User Interface
  • Shows in the Custom resolutions list if the resolution has been created by the user (you) or is a factory provided resolution

SwitchResX 4.6.4 released

SwitchResX 4.6.4
  • Corrects a bug in the English localization where the table showing the current resolutions list was expanded with a new column each time the Preferences were open
  • Correctly saves the icons and windows positions and sizes when switching to a Display Set, if automatic icons saving is set

SwitchResX 4.6.3 released

SwitchResX 4.6.3
  • Shows if a resolution is scaled or native in the current resolutions list
  • Also shows disabled Displays in the menus even if the option to only show the clicked menu is active - to allow to reenable a previously disabled menu
  • Fixes a bug that crashed the Control Panel when showing the Applications list
  • Correctly shows a monitor name when the name is too long and is spanned into multiple EDID fields
  • Allows to apply new settings immediately without rebooting, by forcing two successive rotations (is still an experimental feature)

SwitchResX 4.6.2 released

SwitchResX 4.6.2
  • Fixes a bug that prevented opening the registration windows
  • Fixes a bug that truncated the monitor name
  • Correctly shows the updated extensions version after installation
  • Doesn't quit Dock after disabling a display any more

SwitchResX 4.6.1 released

SwitchResX 4.6.1
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the program to open on MacOS X versions from 10.6 to 10.8
  • Fixed a link for update
  • Doesn't try to read resolutions from system files if these were incorrectly handcrafted

SwitchResX 4.6 released

SwitchResX 4.6
  • Correctly works on macOS 10.12 Sierra
  • Corrected a bug which would never set an option when using the German version

SwitchResX 4.5.6 released

SwitchResX 4.5.6
  • Now uses FastSpring as payment processor

SwitchResX 4.5.5 released

SwitchResX 4.5.5
  • The update that I never thought I would have to do : removed Kagi as payment processor

SwitchResX 4.5.4 released

SwitchResX 4.5.4
  • Solves a user interface issue with the "Register" item in the Help menu
  • Uses HTTPS for fetching the latest version on the SwitchResX site
  • Corrects an issue with monitored applications that are using an incorrect bundle ID
  • Corrects an issue with Contextual Menu item in latest PathFinder versions
  • On ElCapitan or later, indicates when it cannot install monitor settings because of SIP
  • Uses a better algorithm to retrieve monitor settings when using multiple identical monitors

SwitchResX 4.5.3 released

SwitchResX 4.5.3
  • On ElCapitan, indicates when it cannot install a custom resolution because of SIP
  • On ElCapitan, can now remove previous contextual menu items and install the correct version
  • On ElCapitan, corrects a problem where the menu item checkmark would disable itself automatically
  • On ElCapitan, can configure SIP so that SwitchResX can continue to save custom resolutions and SIP can be activated again
  • Solves an issue where displaying detail of a resolution could sometimes show garbage information
  • Solves a new compatibility issue with MacOS X 10.6.x SnowLeopard
  • Solves a bug where default applications couldn't change their Display Set any more
  • Solves a user interface issue when reseting unattached monitor to factory settings
  • Solves a user interface issue in the Control Panel's menus
  • Solves an other compatibility issue with some applications (like Name Mangler)
  • Corrects an issue when exporting an EDID containing DisplayID data

SwitchResX 4.5.2 released

SwitchResX 4.5.2
  • Adds support for OS X ElCapitan (check this page for more information and notice)
  • Solves a compatibility issue with MacOS X 10.6.x SnowLeopard
  • Solves a compatibility issue with some applications (like the Unarchiver)
  • Adds a setting to define the base resolution for all scaled resolutions on OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 and above
  • Adds a setting to start up without applying previous settings at all
  • Can better handle cases on setups using more than 2 identical displays
  • Is more informative when trying to save all applications windows when Security settings are not enabled
  • Corrects graphical issues when previewing Display Sets
  • Corrects graphical issues when using Dark Theme in OS X Yosemite

SwitchResX 4.5.1 released

SwitchResX 4.5.1
  • Changes the way it manages switching to a Display Set when an application starts
  • Corrects a problem when starting an application using a Display Set triggering a GPU change
  • Corrects a problem when resetting Display Setting when an application using the discrete GPU (when used) quits
  • Corrects a problem that would apply a Display Set again and again, if the Display Set triggered an Applescript, itself bringing a new application in front
  • Corrects a problem when trying to save a new custom resolution that is just a change from a native resolution
  • Correctly set back the ColorSync profile when quitting an application that would change ColorSync profiles
  • Doesn't list resolutions "0x0" any more, which could be reported available from MacOS X
  • Brings back the option to quit the Dock when disabling a display - this could be useful even on Yosemite
  • Will show if a custom resolution is compliant to any standard formula (GTF, CVT, -RB, -RBv2)
  • Correctly generates custom interlaced resolutions complying to CVT

SwitchResX 4.5 released

SwitchResX 4.5
  • Adds support for designing custom resolutions with horizontal and vertical sizes bigger than 4095
  • Adds a lot more information in exported EDID to support DisplayID extensions from 4K and 5K monitors
  • Adds an option to generate CVT-RB v2 compliant timings
  • Adds better handling of situations where two identical displays are plugged to your Mac but only one of them shall get a custom resolution
  • Adds an option to set brightness to zero for deactivated monitors
  • Adds an option to highlight native resolutions in the menus
  • Adds an option to force monitors sleeping after deactivating a monitor (prior to this version this was always done)
  • Removed support for saving & restoring windows in multiple Spaces in Yosemite - this is no more possible and was causing a crash with version 4.4.1

  • Corrected Menu appearance with Dark Theme in Yosemite
  • Corrected a bug where executing a script from a Display Set would trigger a new application in front, itself triggering a new Display Set

SwitchResX 4.4.1 released

SwitchResX 4.4.1
  • Corrects a drawing bug when showing the menu with a huge resolution list
  • Displays the key shortcut assigned to a display set in the menus, if any
  • Added more information in exported EDID

  • Corrected preliminary issues with Yosemite, in particular in Menu appearance with Dark Theme
  • Corrected some graphical issues in the Preferences when defining a custom scaled resolution
  • Corrected a bug when quitting a monitored application with a Display Set would trigger a GPU switch, and would set back the display in a wrong resolution
  • Corrected a bug when adding alias to applications to the list of monitored applications
  • Corrected a bug when network would drop while trying to register online
  • Corrected a bug where underscan would be set to maximum when switching GPUs

SwitchResX 4.4 released

SwitchResX 4.4
  • Added support for Colorsync profiles: changing profiles works from the SwitchResX menus, and is now recordable via AppleScript too
  • On Mavericks, when the menu bar is on multiple monitors, can optionally show the clicked monitor's settings only
  • On Mavericks, changed the way scaled resolutions are saved on disk: this allows to create new HiDPI resolutions on some Macs whose graphic driver supports this
  • Added a way to "bless" a new resolution once it has been used
  • On Mavericks, disabling an external display will put all displays to sleep to blank them out - this is the only way to black out a disabled display on Mavericks

  • Modified the Menus appearance
  • Codesigned MenuCracker to solve a bug where the menu wouldn't appear in the menu bar on Mavericks
  • Corrected a bug in the interface, where the position of a display in a DisplaySet was not remembered
  • Corrected a bug where a configuration with multiple identical monitors would show with same number in the interface

  • Removed PowerPC support: SwitchResX 4.3.6 is the last version supporting PowerPC
  • Removed Leopard support: SwitchResX 4.4 requires MacOS X 10.6 at least

SwitchResX 4.3.6 released

SwitchResX 4.3.6
  • Works around some bugs in OS X 10.9 Mavericks, like never detecting newly attached external displays or not updating resolutions list in the menu…
  • Should manage Airplay monitors correctly on 10.9 too
  • Corrects a bug where an inactive display could be removed from Display Sets
  • Corrects a bug where a Display Set containing only mirroring wouldn't be applied
  • When disabling a Display, SwitchResX now tries to set brightness to zero via DDC commands when available
  • Can now use the same key shortcut for more than one Display Set; and switch cyclically between them
  • Improved EDID Parsing
  • Removed Growl support
  • Changed AppleScript command "use" to "apply"

SwitchResX 4.3.5 released

SwitchResX 4.3.5
  • Adds some changes to bring first compatibility with OS X 10.9 Mavericks, but still compatible with 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 !
  • Should restore Contextual Menu on the Desktop in PathFinder too
  • Give the option to kill the Dock to restore Desktop Picture after reenabling a display on 10.7 and 10.8
  • Give the option to force keeping the mouse on active displays
  • Corrects a crashing bug when removing a display whose settings were just edited within the Control Panel
  • Corrects a bug with disabling mirroring from just one display, when this display also mirrors a third display (!)
  • Corrects a bug when applying a Display Set that was already active could overwrite the previous icons and windows positions saved with the Display Set
  • Correctly restore the Dock status (hidden/shown) when quitting an application that is monitored by SwitchResX
  • Is normally capable to find a display in its preferences even if the video port has changed, without cluttering the Preferences file with copies of this display
  • Shows running version of the Daemon in the Control Panel, to be sure the latest version of all modules are running

SwitchResX 4.3.4 released

SwitchResX 4.3.4
  • Allows to set individual display mirroring if you have more than 2 displays (ie: mirroring only display 2 and 3, leaving 1 untouched, for example)
  • Will automatically kill old versions if a newer daemon is running - this prevents having two concurrent daemons running
  • Solves a problem when using the "underscan" value from within a Display Set
  • Solves a little issue where frequencies were calculated wrong when defining an interlaced resolution
  • Solves a problem on 10.8.2 and later where saving icons and windows sometimes doesn't work
  • Solves a problem that would open Protools instead of installing SwitchResX Preferences Pane
  • Solves a problem when installing the Contextual Menu

SwitchResX 4.3.3 released

SwitchResX 4.3.3
  • Corrects a crash on MacOS X 10.6.x
  • Uses Growl 2.0 on MacOS X 10.7+, while retaining Growl 1.x on previous versions

SwitchResX 4.3.2 released

SwitchResX 4.3.2
  • Allows to set displays in gray levels from Display Sets
  • Allows to select resolution from preferences even if the Daemon is not running
  • Allows to modify menu settings for all resolutions in the preferences by pressing the alt key
  • Uses Mountain Lion Notification Center for notifying new version availability
  • Corrects a bug on Mountain Lion that could cause some other applications to behave strangely (VMWare Fusion, Preview, TextEdit…)
  • Corrects a bug with the TimeMachine interface on Mountain Lion
  • Corrects a bug in the Preferences application where quitting wouldn't ask to save settings
  • Corrects a bug that would cause SwitchResX to remember several dozens of resolutions on inactive displays, which could cause a growing preferences file, memory leaks and some delay by Fast User switching

SwitchResX 4.3.1 released

SwitchResX 4.3.1

  • Corrects a crash that could occur in Preferences when set to observe some applications
  • Corrects a bug that could delete some system file when uninstalling (in particular on the new MacBookPro with Retina display)

  • Sometimes the cursor was hidden when disabling a display - this should be corrected
  • Sometimes changing the resolution from within any menu couldn't be done in some circumstances - this also should be corrected
  • Should be able to replace windows on all Spaces / Mission Control desktops again
  • Doesn't observe daemons any more, as these have no UI and cannot influence display settings
  • Can now record underscan changes in AppleScript editor

SwitchResX 4.3 released

SwitchResX 4.3

  • Is now signed with Developer ID for compatibility with Mountain Lion
  • Corrects some incompatibilities with Mountain Lion
  • Now manages Display Underscan on Macs the support this function
  • Some slight UI changes

  • Correctly manages AppleScript recording again, which was broken for displays with HiDPi resolutions
  • Correctly manages high bit depth modes in Apple Remote Desktop
  • Corrects a problem when changing resolution with incompatible bit depths
  • Corrects a problem when applying a resolution and enabling display at the same time from within a Display Set
  • Corrects a problem when applying a resolution on a second display from within a Display Set

SwitchResX 4.2.7 released

SwitchResX 4.2.7

  • Allows to switch into billion of colors modes on Lion 10.7.2 (if available)
  • Supports HiDPI modes again on Lion 10.7.1 and above (Apple did some changes in 10.7.1 that prevented SwitchResX to show these modes on 10.7.1 and above)

  • Solves a problem that prevented the program to change resolution on some 2011 Macs (example MacBookAir 2011)
  • Solves a bug that continuously prevented SwitchResX to save new resolutions after OS Upgrade (the program would report "Not installed" in the custom resolutions list)
  • Solves a bug that could prevent installation of the contextual menu and the extension on a fresh Lion install
  • Solves a bug that could crash the preferences application if this one was open and the daemon would quit

SwitchResX 4.2.6 released

SwitchResX 4.2.6

  • Allows to define a Display Set that would be applied whenever any application starts
  • Now reorders the displays so that the internal one(s) are always numbered first, even if the external is main
  • Now uses the Kagi Sales Assistant on all platforms (previously only on Intel 64bits, while the other platforms remained with KRM)
  • Solves a problem where after enabling an internal display again, the brightness keys couldn't be used
  • Solves a bug where all resolution settings were lost if a display was rotated
  • Solves a problem on Lion - saved settings would not be applied immediately to all modules
  • Solves a bug where you could create a Display Set with no display remaining active
  • Solves a bug where the admin password would be asked twice if you cancelled saving settings
  • Solves a bug where the monitor picture wouldn't be updated in the Preferences if a new display would be attached or detached while the preferences panel was open
  • Solves a crash when exporting the EDID twice in a session
  • If more than one exact same display is used on a configuration, the displays name can't be edited except for the first one
  • - ! - Experimental: added a way to apply created custom timings immediately without requiring a reboot (only on Macs with two GPUs, this causes a forced GPU switch)

SwitchResX 4.2.5 released

SwitchResX 4.2.5

  • Solves a problem on Lion - Wallpaper was not reset when a previously disabled display was activated again
  • Supports HiDPI modes on Lion

SwitchResX 4.2.4 released

SwitchResX 4.2.4

  • Adds compatibility with MacOS X 10.7 Lion, including saving and restoring icons and windows on all Mission Control screens

  • SwitchResX now "get" and "set" the Display Color profile for any display from AppleScript, in a similar way than ColorSyncScripting on MacOS X 10.5
  • Solves a rare crash when trying to run the program with Rosetta
  • Solves some interface bugs that were only visible on Lion
  • Solves a crash occurring when removing an application from the Applications list in the Preferences

SwitchResX 4.2.3 released

SwitchResX 4.2.3
  • Corrects a problem in version 4.2.2 that accidentally broke compatibility with MacOS X 10.5.x

SwitchResX 4.2.2 released

SwitchResX 4.2.2
  • SwitchResX can now also manage Color Profiles from Display Sets: finally you can now change your color profile with a simple click, or a simple key shortcut. You can also link a Color Profile automatically to any application, and automatically switch them when you change the frontmost application
  • Now uses Kagi Store Assistant for in-software integrated purchase
  • EDID export now gives more information about 3D capabilities of the monitor

  • Worked on scriptability to support new Color Profile feature in the Display Sets
  • Worked on scriptability so that simple statements like "count displays" should now work

  • Solved a crash that could occur when displaying the content of a Display Set
  • Solved a crash that could occur when using two or more identical monitors

SwitchResX 4.2.1 released

SwitchResX 4.2.1
  • Better handling of unattached monitors in Display Sets
  • Better handling of virtual monitors (when the Mac boots headless or uses ARD curtain mode) in Display Sets
  • Allows the user to select if he wants to set brightness to zero when monitor is deactivated
  • Should solve a crash when opening the Display Set panel
  • Solves a crash that can occur when saving icons and windows
  • Can again save icons and windows on Leopard
  • Should be able to handle trillions of colors correctly

SwitchResX 4.2 released

SwitchResX 4.2
  • Added a way to manage display rotation in Display Sets, including via Applescript
  • When disabling a display, now also put brightness to minimum: that will mimic turning an internal display completely off
  • No displays resolution frequency in the resolution name when the system only reports reduced timing names like '1080p'
  • The Finder on MacOS X 10.6.4 doesn't save positions of volumes on the Desktop. SwitchResX now works around this

  • Solved a problem which prevented the APE module to load on Leopard
  • Should now remember resolutions in Display Sets, even if the resolution is no more available in the current settings
  • Solved a crash that sometimes occurred when defining a Display Set
  • Solves a problem when using international numerical separators in numeric fields
  • Solves a problem where the last edited value was not taken into account in the custom timing dialog

  • Cosmetic issues in the Preferences when the Daemon is not running

SwitchResX 4.1.8 released

SwitchResX 4.1.8

  • Removed errors when trying to load Contextual Menu Plugin in Garbage Collected applications
  • Solves problems with problematic applications which don't correctly define their signature in Info.plist, like Last.fm for example
  • Solves the problem when editing a Display Set removes an attached AppleScript
  • Adds a visual representation of displays layout in Display Sets
  • Adds setting and getting display position from AppleScript, including recordability of this property
  • Solves memory problems which could be displayed in the Console
  • Adds Czech localization

SwitchResX 4.1.7 released

SwitchResX 4.1.7
  • Is now able to save and restore windows positions & space number, in every application, even if the window title changes
  • Should consistently display "480p" and "576p" resolutions like the System
  • Solves a problem that prevented saving the preferences after duplicating a Display Set
  • Can't change overscan option of a disabled display any more (this would enable it)
  • Includes CEA/EIA-861D timings in the EDID export
  • Doesn't display any option any more in a disabled display, apart for re-enabling it
  • Doesn't crash any more when plugging / unplugging a display, or when fast user-switching
  • Doesn't crash any more when trying to install the Contextual Menu plugin on Snow Leopard

SwitchResX 4.1.6 released

SwitchResX 4.1.6
  • Should now work ok when two or more identical displays are connected, as well as when the Mac can switch its GPUs. The difficulty it to know which display is connected to which GPU in all situations.
  • Correctly update the current dynamical display resolution on a virtual machine running in VMWare 3
  • No more displays multiple identical resolutions in Apple Remote Desktop's curtain mode

  • Correctly updates the Menubar extra and relaunch SystemUIServer when updating to a new version
  • Corrects some strings in the German translation
  • Removed the warning message introduced on SnowLeopard for 256 colors, since MacOS X 10.6.4 now behaves correctlyâ–ª Doesn't crash any more when trying to install the Contextual Menu plugin on Snow Leopard

SwitchResX 4.1.5 released

SwitchResX 4.1.5
  • Corrects a leak in a part of the code used in several components, which was particularly visible in SystemUIServer
  • Menus are correctly updated when changing monitor depth
  • Displays a warning message when setting 256 colors mode in Snow Leopard: sometimes the mouse cursor disappears in 256 colors mode, so SwitchResX lets you go back to previous mode

SwitchResX 4.1.4 released

SwitchResX 4.1.4
  • Corrects a bug where you couldn't edit or create a Display Set if you had only one display connected
  • Should be more friendly when GPU switch occurs on MacBookPro with Core i5/i7 CPU
  • Doesn't display duplicate timings in the menu any more
  • Control Panel correctly reacts to configuration changes when the Daemon is not running
  • 64-bit Contextual Menu Plugin no longer references unneeded libraries

SwitchResX 4.1.3 released

SwitchResX 4.1.3
  • Doesn't display identical modes twice in the menus any more
  • Internally manages display conditions when starting a monitored app like a specific Display Set; as such will restore not only resolution & color when quitting a monitored app, but all other conditions too
  • Doesn't prevent a disabled resolution to be applied any more, when the Daemon is stopped
  • Doesn't apply the last used resolutions or the startup Display Set when a display has been added or removed
  • Doesn't crash any more when it couldn't find the version of the extensions modules
  • Lets you delete a Display Set that was previously used by a monitored application, if you deleted this application
  • Correctly manages going from a Display Set with disabled displays to enabled & mirrored ones; or reverse
  • Correctly manages UI when defining Display Sets with mirroring or disabled displays
  • Allows to select the last resolutions again when starting up

SwitchResX 4.1.2 released

SwitchResX 4.1.2
  • Doesn't let a mirrored display being disabled, or a disabled display being mirrored; including in Display Sets
  • Should no be able to save and restore windows from and onto all Spaces
  • When the daemon starts, now checks if a previous version is still running, and if yes, the latest version should be quit
  • (previously, the version that would remain running could be the older one)
  • Is now able to disable/reenable a display thru AppleScript
  • Solves a problem when trying to create and enable a interleaved resolution: The resolution could be enabled in MacOS X, though SwitchResX would continue to claim it is not valid.
  • Solves a bug that deleted any Display Set attached to an application, when the Display Set would be edited
  • Solves a bug that mixed displays in Display Sets when a display was removed during edition
  • Solves a bug where saved Windows wouldn't really be saved on disk, sometimes
  • Solves a bug when saving settings in the Control Panel would apply a false Display Set
  • Solves some bugs in the 10.5 Contextual Menu when setting the Main Display and when reloading changed preferences

  • On SnowLeopard continues to run without APE; however, if on SnowLeopard, APE2.6 is detected because is was already installed by the user, then SwitchResX can use it.

SwitchResX 4.1.1 released

SwitchResX 4.1.1
  • Corrects a crashing bug that I didn’t check on the 4.1 release... Sorry for the inconvenience

SwitchResX 4.1 released

SwitchResX 4.1

Major new feature

  • The Contextual Menu in the Finder and the Extension module are back on SnowLeopard.

  • These modules were previously not included in version 4.0 because of inherent changes in the System structure, on MacOS X 10.6
  • The Extension module no more uses APE on MacOS X 10.6; but will correctly use the latest version of APE on MacOS X 10.5
  • Moreover, on MacOS X 10.6, the Finder's Contextual Menu can appear directly in the main menu, not in the "More…" submenu.
  • Bugs corrected
  • When updating to a new version all SwitchResX components should now be automatically updated, even if it is running.
  • This should prevent a wrong alert stating that an update is available when you think you are already running the latest version
  • Corrects a problem when monitoring some applications which didn't provide any Bundle Name (e.g.. Stellarium). Thanks to my 8-year son Maxime for finding this one !
  • Corrects a bug when a monitor which was detached when sleeping was falsely saved as "disabled"
  • Correctly report resolutions on dynamic "emulated" monitors (for example when using MacOS X Server in VMWare windowed mode)
  • Corrects a problem where the monitor timing range was always reported as unsaved (when running headless, or on VMWare, or on ARD in curtain mode)
  • Correctly prevents a resolution change when running on multiple monitors and without using the SwitchResX Extension
  • Corrects a problem where the serial number could be overwritten and the software would unregister itself. Sorry if you observed this problem.
  • Correctly remembers the monitors in a Display Set, even when the monitor order in the System has changed

SwitchResX 4.0.3 released

SwitchResX 4.0.3
  • Provides a new option to only let SwitchResX reactivate a display that was previously deactivated. This is useful when a TV is always plugged to the Mac, and if the TV comes out of sleep, and you don't want the TV to be visible to MacOS X.
  • Uses GROWL, if available, to display new updates notifications. Even without GROWL, the look of the alerts has been changed.
  • Should behave correctly if a bad EDID is reported by the system
  • Should correctly report the resolution status, even if the resolution was added some minutes after reboot
  • Should correctly reposition icons snapped to grid, when this option is selected

SwitchResX 4.0.2 released

SwitchResX 4.0.2
  • Indicates when a resolution wasn't activated after a restart
  • Correctly manages resolution which should display a confirmation dialog
  • Solves a cosmetic issue when resetting factory settings
  • Should not delete registration issues any more
  • Should not write useless EDID information any more in monitor profile files
  • Should get rid of some CGS errors in the Console when changing overscan or disabling a display
  • Can enhance again some displays whose type is unknown to MacOS X (when Vendor code is 'unkn')
  • Now saves preferences when forced to quit from Activity Monitor
  • Corrects a rare crash during initialization when using more than one display

SwitchResX 4.0.1 released

SwitchResX 4.0.1
  • Is more robust when upgrading preferences files from SwitchResX 3 - no more blank preferences window. This was due because of a bug in SwitchResX 3, which version 4 has to work around to be able to reuse pervious preferences
  • Saves custom timings as digital resolutions, not analog
  • Enables and disables the Menubar Extra directly, no more when saving preferences
  • Correctly shows available resolutions when using Apple Remote Desktop in curtain mode
  • Correctly loads a display whose characteristics may have changed since last time it was saved
  • Correctly allows to switch Main Display via Display Sets
  • Correctly shows Display's default ranges
  • Correctly shows Display informations even if some Version informations are not get

SwitchResX 4 released

After 6 beta versions, SwitchResX 4 is finally released. The latest reports I got from beta testers were all positive, and I mainly only did standard technical support in the last week, no more crash or bug correction, so that I think that SwitchResX 4 is now ready for release.

About SwitchResX 4.0.0

SwitchResX 4 is a complete rewrite in Cocoa. The Control Panel and the Daemon have been completely rewritten from scratch, the Contextual Menu, the Menubar Extra and the APE module have been adapted to the new environment used by the new main modules.

SwitchResX 4 main modules (Control Panel and Daemon) are also compiled in 64-bit mode for Snow Leopard. The Menubar extra is 64-bit compatible, but the Contextual Menu plugin isn't, as Snow Leopard doesn't support these modules any more. APE module is not compatible with Snow Leopard as of today.

Free upgrade
SwitchResX 4 is a free upgrade for registered users of SwitchResX 3. Existing registration codes will continue to work.

What's new in this version ?
A quick summary of the main functions:

  • New user interface in Cocoa
  • No installer any more: SwitchResX 4 auto-installs its modules where they need to be
  • All texts (Display Sets names, Monitor names, etc.) are Unicaode savvy and no more limited to 255 characters
  • Functions to create new resolutions should be easier to apprehend
  • SwitchResX4 asks for an admin password only when it needs it
  • Still AppleScript-able and AppleScript Recordable

More detailed info about the new release below, following all fixes in the beta version.

SwitchResX 4 coming

History of the beta versions

SwitchResX 4ß7 - RC
  • Should let at least one monitor enabled when starting the daemon, even if this monitor was disabled last time SwitchResX was run
  • Should be able to apply a Display Set when starting the daemon
  • Correctly displays the frequency when loading a previously saved standard timing
  • Only shows the standard timings that SwitchResX itself created, not the system original ones
  • Corrects a little problem when displaying 'unkn' Vendor ID

SwitchResX 4ß6
  • Shouldn't ask to update helper modules any more, except when SwitchResX itself is updated
  • Added Core Suite elements to Daemon's AppleScript dictionary
  • Solves several problems in AppleScript terminology
  • Allows to create custom timings for monitors that don't provide any EDID
  • Auto-creates Display Sets when saving icons in Display Set mode
  • Solves several problems and crashes when replacing icons
  • Can enable an inactive display and disable an active one in the same Display Set
  • Doesn't let editing custom resolutions for a display that is present twice or more in a setup with same Vendor and Product IDs
  • Uses MenuCracker2 (thanks to Alex Harper)

SwitchResX 4ß5
  • Contextual Menu Item works again (apart on Snow Leopard where CM Items are now deprecated)
  • Uses APE Version 2.5.2 (for Leopard at least)
  • Hides the button for solving 10.5.7 bug on 10.5.8+

SwitchResX 4ß4
  • Corrects a problem when editing interlaced resolutions
  • Corrects a problem with positive sync flag
  • Corrects a problem when system resolution to edit is not consistent (interlaced resolution with odd porches)
  • Corrects some format problems when importing and exporting timing in Modeline format
  • Does show the correct blanking values for standard resolutions

SwitchResX 4ß3
  • Contextual Menu Item works again (apart on Snow Leopard where CM Items are now deprecated)
  • Enabling displays that have been disabled should work again
  • Display Set edition dialog has correct name
  • Uses APE Version 2.5.1 (for Leopard at least)

SwitchResX 4ß2
  • Polished interface
  • Corrected some bugs in Snow Leopard
  • Added a function to disable the poroblem appearing in MacOS X 10.5.7 with HDMI 1.3 compatible monitors

SwitchResX 4ß1
  • First public release

SwitchResX 3.8.7 released

SwitchResX 3.8.7
  • Should solve the bug asking again for registration if already registered ince a long time
  • Corrects two bugs in the scripting mechanism of SwitchResX Daemon
  • Shows the horizontal/vertical positive sync correctly on existing resolutions
  • Shows the right recalculated CVT vertical resolution when using this timing mode generation formula
  • Shows the correct starting Display Set in SwitchResX Control
  • Apply correclty the origin of a display when set from a Display Set
  • Doesn't let APE patch any SwitchResX tool to avoid infinite loops
  • Prepares the transition to SwitchResX 4

SwitchResX 3.8.6 released

SwitchResX 3.8.6
  • Solves a bug when checking new version online, and corrects a crash with LittleSnitch
  • Corrects a crash when reading EDID in some cases
  • Permits to select Applications again on Leopard when designing a Display Set
  • Enables the monitor before doing any other change when a Display Set contains both a monitor activity and some position settings
  • Correctly updates the Current Depth and Mode shown when using Apple Remote Desktop in curtain mode
  • Correctly allows to change a resolution from SwitchResX on a second monitor, if all other applications are forbidden changing resolutions
  • Sorting of resolutions in the menus is consistent with Apple sorting method
  • Shows more "standard" resolutions that may be simply enabled
  • Searches the preferences in the /Library folder if more than one user are sharing their preferences on a single Mac